Camera Apps

Usually, phones give you less control over your photos than a dedicted camera would. Luckily there are apps to close the gap.

Recent phones by Samsung give you advanced camera control through "Pro Mode". If you own one of theses phone you don't need any additional apps.


There are many apps that let you control your phone's camera. Most of them offer the same thing for a different price. Here is the app we are using:


With RAW+ you can control ISO, shutter speed, focus, and shoot in RAW. It won't let you control the aperture, but thats because of the iPhone's fixed aperture lens. RAW+ is also free (with In-App purchases to remove ads), so it is easy for you to try out.


Most new phones by Samsung give you advanced control over the camera. For everyone else, this is the app we would use:

Open Camera

Open Camera lets you control all the important settings like ISO and shutter speed. It is open source, meaning it is free with no ads, and is continually being improved by the community