Equipment Basics

This page gives you an overview over the essential pieces of photography equipment.

We paired each illustration with some basic information on what the equipment is used for. We are working on in-depth descriptions of how to use each of them.


Studio Strobe

Studio strobes are the lights we use in studio photography. They function similar to regular camera-flashes but are more powerful and come with more options for modification. Some have to be plugged into a wall, others come with rechargeable battery-packs. They come in varying power levels. Common examples are 300 watts or 800 watts. Make sure to tell us the power level of your light when using Fotura Assist.

studio strobe
Studio-strobe on a light-stand


A reflector is an improvised or specialised reflective surface used to redirect light towards your subject. Reflectors come in various different sizes and styles. White reflectors are used to brighten up larger areas with soft light. Silver reflectors cast harsh, more directed light. Golden Reflectors also cast harsh light but also give it a warmer tone.

Round reflector with handles



The seamless is a staple of studio photography. A seamless is a large sheet of paper covering the wall and also extending over the floor. The name refers to the seamless extension of the floor into the background. If set-up properly, there should be no recognisable transition between floor and wall.

White seamless
White seamless

Light Stand

Light stands are used to position lights, light modifiers, or other equipment like backdrops. Light stands are constructed of medal, consist of two riser columns and a baby pin on top. The industry standard of light stands is the C-stand, however, there are many cheaper, lighter, though less sturdy alternatives available.

White seamless
Light Stand